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Animal Factory Amplification Chemical Burn Pedal

Chemical Burn is a harsh to vicious sounding Fuzz effect. The pedal was based on the Shin-ei / Companion Superfuzz FY-6, but is way more flexible. With silicone and germanium clipping, two types of distortion are available. In addition, octaving and decay can be influenced. An idiosyncratic tone control allows you to hollow out or flatten the mid-range frequencies.

Chemical Burn is an exceptionally versatile Fuzz effect. The pedal comes equipped with the following functions and controls:

Three-way-switch for influencing the octaving / cancellation of the fundamental frequency. The selected behavior is visualized by a multi-colored LED.

  • Skin (red): Maximum fundamental frequency and very little octaving. Audible decaying on rapidly played notes.
  • Flesh (green): Homogeneous ratio of fundamental frequency and octaving. Audible decaying is possible.
  • Bone (blue): Maximum octaving true to the FY-6 Superfuzz.

This potentiometer is used for crossfading between silicone and germanium clipping.

The pedal’s gain knob. High settings make the Chemical Burn distort more.

A rather unconventional tone control. The circuit’s zero point is reached with the pH potentiometer at 12 o’clock position. By turning the knob counterclockwise, you can hollow out the mids. When turned fully to the right, the mids are flattened for classic fuzz sound.

Volume potentiometer, which can be used to keep the output level in check.

Foot switch:
(De)activates the effect.

Audio input and output
2.1 mm barrel connector for 9V DC power supply (Polarity: Negative = center / Positive = ring)