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Animal Factory Amplification Baron Samedi Pedal

Baron Samedi is a fuzz pedal with an angry, sometimes unpredictable sound character. Besides volume and gain controls, there are parameters for sharpening, filtering and / or thinning out distortion effects. Self-oscillation and producing weird noises is possible as well.

Baron Samedi is not a precision circuit, but a specialist for ludicrous fuzz distortion. Many of the pedal’s parameters influence each other. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to accurately predict the behavior of the circuit. The sound shaping controls are all imaginatively named:

  • Voodoo: The baron’s volume control.
  • Rum: Gain knob to determine the degree of distortion. High settings lead to very harsh results.
  • Life: Tone control, based on a strange notch filter design. The circuit is well-suited for emphasizing mid or high frequency ranges. Deep roaring self-oscillation is possible as well.
  • Death: Depending on the position of the other controls, this potentiometer can be used to create gating effects or to thin out the sound.
  • Burial: This is not a high-pass filter, but it works similarly. At high settings only sporadic crackles are audible.
  • Footswitch for (de)activating the effect.

Weird, dirty noises can be generated simply by touching the tip of the cable connected to the baron’s audio input. – Great fun!

Audio input and output
2.1 mm barrel connector for 9V DC power supply (Polarity: Negative = center / Positive = ring)