Alm Busy Circuits

Alm Busy Circuits Alm002 Beast's Chalkboard

octave switcher/voltage adderDual channel octave switch/voltage adder and source with 1V stepped ran..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm004 D.S.G.

DINsync multiple & clock distributerThe D.S.G provides three ‘DIN Sync’ connectors with their cl..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm005 Dinkys Taiko Drum Voice

12 bit digital drum voiceDinky’s Taiko’ is a 12 bit digital drum voice with full voltage control and..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm006 S.B.G. Utility

Guitar FX pedals interfaceThe ‘S.B.G’ is a compact utility module intended for the interfacing of gu..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm007 Boss Bow Tie Switch

8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switchBoss Bow Tie is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controll..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm008 PIP Slope Compact Voltage Controlled Envelope

Compact voltage controlled envelope‘Pip Slope’ is a compact eurorack function generator. It supports..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm009 Tangle Quartet Quad Linear VCA And Mixer

Quad linear VCA‘Tangle Quartet’ is a high quality quad linear voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) pro..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm010 O/Α/x2 Dual Offset And Attenuverter

Dual attenuverter and offset• Dual channel.• Attenuate and invert input signals.• Additional +/- 8v ..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm011 Akemies Castle

4 Operator FM‘Akemie’s Castle’ is a dual voltage controlled oscillator with authentic 4 Operator dig..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm015 Akemies Taiko

FM Synthesis Drum VoiceAkemie’s Taiko’ is an authentic complete FM synthesis based drum voice create..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm017 Pamela's New Workout

Advanced Clock and Waves‘Pamela’s NEW Workout’ is a compact programmable clocked modulation source f..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP1

Expander module for Pamela's NEW WorkoutThe Pexp-1 is an expander module for Pamela’s NEW Workout of..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP2

Expander module for Pamela's NEW Workout2HP module featuring 3.5mm jack type midi clock output and a..


Alm Busy Circuits Alm018 - MUM M8

Akai S950-based switched capacitor LPF‘MUM M8’ is an 8hp Eurorack low pass filter building on the fi..


Alm Busy Circuits ALM019 HPO Headphone Output

ALM019 Headphone OutputThe 'HPO' is an affordable super slim and skiff friendly no frills stereo hea..


Alm Busy Circuits ALM027 Boss Bow Two

Multimode SwitchDescription‘Boss Bow Two’ is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch with 3..