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The Korg ARP 2600 Synthesizer is back for a limited production run.The ARP 2600 has an updated 3620 keyboard to push it into the modern era. Calling on vintage designs that have made it so popular over the years, this synth balances the old with the new. Players seeking that classic sound from the vintage synthesizer era will appreciate this rerelease of the ARP 2600.

ARP 2600 Main Features

All-in-one sound design studio with oscillators, envelopes, a filter and amplifier
Hardwired pathways with additional patch points
49 full-size keys with aftertouch and portamento, with duophonic ability
Voltage Processors, external audio processing, Fine Tuning sliders

Sound Design Studio

The ARP 2600 is designed to be a completed sound studio. With oscillators, envelopes, a filter and amplifier, it provides the essentials for analog synthesis. Other functions (like the ring modulation, lag and voltage processors, envelope follower and more) add a vintage modular feel. Rounded out with a spring reverb tank and pair of monitor speakers, the ARP 2600 is more than just a synth.

Hardwired Pathways and Patch Points

The ARP 2600 sliders and switches are nearly all hardwired to specific sources. The Oscillator 1, for example, can be controlled and adjusted by the keyboard, the Sample and Hold module, the shape of the ADSR envelope generator or the sine wave output of Oscillator 2. Insert a patch cord into the jack to override any of these connections and create a new signal patch. Streamlined 3.5 mm jacks allow for more patch points in the panel.

Upgraded 3620 Keyboard

For this release, the 3620 keyboard has been updated with 49 full-size keys, equipped with aftertouch and portamento. The 3620 is duophonic, and single and multiple triggering is available. Add vibrato using aftertouch, or the Low Frequency Oscillator. The original Pitch Bend knob and Two Octave Up/Two Octave Down Transpose switch are still on the 3620. Newer touches include the arpeggiator, which lets the player set their own manually sequenced patterns.

Hardware Packed with Features

Three independent Voltage Processors provide scalable control voltages, or can reduce control signals. A dedicated preamp and envelope follower process external audio signals. Create precise pitch from the Fine Tuning Sliders that are in every oscillator and the filter.

The ARP 2600 is packed with other features, including two Envelope Transient Generators. The Voltage Controlled Amplifier features linear and exponential control inputs. Two XLR outputs allow for direct connections to external consoles.

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