TC Electronic Flashback Delay 2

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    Tc Electronic
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Mesmerizing Delay and Looping Effects in One Pedal

Cover all of your looping and delay needs with the TC Electronic Flashback delay and looper pedal. This baby gives you 11 different looping/delay settings including 2290, analogue, tape, slap back, and more. Delay, feedback, and effects level controls help you shape your sound, and TC Electronic's "TonePrint" system allows you to download different artists' TonePrints from TC's website via USB connectivity or wirelessly, with a smartphone app for iPhone and Android users. Step up your looping and delay effects with this addicting pedal!

Simple Control Layout

To craft the expression of your delay/looping settings, the Flashback offers delay, feedback, effects level, and delay/loop settings controls. Your delay control dials in the amount of delay time -- up to six seconds. The feedback control determines how much of the "wet" signal gets processed again, and your effects level dials in the balanced of wet/dry tone. Each dial changes the expression of the delay in smooth subtlety, giving you plenty of room to explore interesting effects for your output.

10 Different Onboard Delay Settings + Looper

Your Flashback's bottom right control knob gives you 10 different delay settings to play around with, as well as a loop setting to loop some licks. Some of these settings include 2290, analogue, tape, lofi, slapback, modulated, ping pong, and other settings. With all these modes in conjunction with your knobs, the Flashback gives you truckloads of sonic possibilities that'll keep you busy exploring for hours.

True Bypass Configuration

The inner circuitry of TC's Flashback features a true bypass configuration, which is an often overlooked characteristic of pedals. A pedal without a true bypass will cause your signal to lose a little bit of its original integrity while it passes through when the pedal isn't engaged. This baby's design will keep your signal full of its original character without any loss or unintended change.

Cool Audio Tapping Control

This feature allows you to set your pedal's tempo by strumming your axe. This switch can be set to three separate settings -- eighth note, dotted eighth note, and eighth and dotted eighth note together. This switch is located right between your Flashback's delay and feedback controls.

Download TonePrints -- Get Your Favorite Artists' Delay Sound in a Flash

The setting all the way to the right on your Flashback's mode selector control knob is the "TonePrint" setting. TC has worked with some of the most well-known guitarists in the world, capturing their delay settings to be downloaded right into your Flashback pedal. Each setting is transferred to your pedal via a USB cable or TC's smartphone app for iPhone or Android users. Featured artists include: John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Guns N' Roses), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Orianthi (Michael Jackson), and Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats).


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