Erica Synths

Erica Synths ACIDBOX III

Erica Synths Acidbox III brings you the core of the famous Polivoks VCF in stereo version with uniqu..


Erica Synths Bass Drum Black

Erica Synths Bass Drum is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktronick and it's ..


Erica Synths Black 8-Multi v2

The Erica 8-splitter advanced replacement for stackable patchcables – it is active buffered multiple..


Erica Synths Black CV Expander

Satellite module to our HADSR envelope generator. It allows each envelope parameter to be controlled..


Erica Synths Black CV Processor

Module that is designed to manage CV signal polarity and amount. It can be used for audio signals, a..


Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO

Two full ADSR EGs, two unique LFOs with plenty of features just in 10HP!We managed to put two full A..


Erica Synths Black Dual VCF

Erica Black VCF is dual multimode filter with CV control over cutoff and resonance for serious modul..


Erica Synths Black EG

Erica Synths Envelope Generator is compact, full analogue envelope generator with some cool bonus fe..