Antimatter Audio Sub Ring Mixer

The Sub Ring is the missing 5-channel analog mixer section of your modular, especially tuned to play..


Doepfer A113 Subharmonic Generator

Module A-113 is a new sound source that derives from an incoming pulse signal four so-ca..


Doepfer A115 Audio Divider

Module A-115 is a four-way frequency divider. The frequency of a signal at the inpu..


Doepfer A160-2 Clock/Trigger Divider II

Module A-160-2 is an enhanced version of the standard clock divider A-160. The..


Doepfer A163 Voltage Controlled Frequency Divider

Module A-163 is a voltage controlled audio frequency divider. The frequen..


Dreadbox DIV White line

High sound and build quality in an affordable price. If you like the sound of Erebus & Mur..


Make Noise fxdf

The FXDf is a 6 Band Fixed Filter. Traditionally fixed filters are large modules having 8 to 10 band..


Mutable Instruments Tides 2

Tidal modulatorTides is all about waves that go up and down, from minute-long cycles to audio rates…..