Teenage Engineering Brick Shaft

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    Teenage Engineering
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  • 15,01€

Found Cheaper?

The long waited OP-1 Accessories, now available to take your OP-1 to the next level. If you are one of the few that commands an OP-1, increase your musical creativity for the set of 4 different knob enhancer, a thick screen protector, as well as a stylish carrying pouch made by Sweden's Unit Portables and can fit nicely with your OP-1 Soft Pouch.

Brick Shaft is LEGO® compatible shafts that you put on any of the knobs. Now you may mount any lego part. Why not put on a big lego rubber wheel for that extra grip? Or build your own motor driven programmable LFO together with, LEGO® MINDSTORMS? The Brick Shaft comes in four colors and lets you experiment with any parameter. It supports any idea you may have that involves LEGO® bricks.

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