Synthesizer GR 6U 84HP BLACK CASE

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    Synthesizer GR
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  • 360,00€

Found Cheaper?

6U 2 RAW


Painted with DURATEX

Including 1high quality power supply and 2 bus boards

L 455 x W 145 x H 290 mm

Depth 140 mm


Primary Voltage: 100-240V, Secondary Voltages: +12V, +5V, -12V.

Maximum Power:

  • 2 x +12 V: 1.4 A
  • 1 x +5 V: 4 A
  • 1 x -12 V: 1.4 A

Primary Blade Connectors: 2 X For Mains Voltage

Secondary Blade Connectors: 2x For +12V, 1x +5V, 2x Ground, 1x -12V Grounding Screw


Perfect For Your Eurorack Case

With Only High Quality Pcb And Parts

One Of The Best Qualities 

Power And Distribution Boards Are The Most Important Thing To Have On Your Eurorack Case , If You Need Extreme Power And Top Quality We Design For You This Noise Filtering Distribution Board.

Noise Filtering Capacitors From Nichicon

Heatsinks Made In Germany For The Highest Performance

Printed Circuit Board With Electroless Nickel Immersion

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