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Pro Monitoring for the Home Studio

Monitoring in an untreated environment is never ideal. But the Dynaudio LYD series is making clean sound for the home or project studio a reality. Dual Class D power amps feed a total of 130 watts into a powerful 8" driver (80W) and smooth soft-dome tweeter (50W) for accurate sound reproduction. And three switches make it quick to find your room's best sound. First, a Position switch filters out reflective interference when placed within 20" of a wall. Next, a Sound Balance selector increases or reduces brightness depending on your room's character - great for moving between rooms with treated and bare walls. And finally, a three-way Bass Extension switch gives you control of your Dynaudio LYD-8's low end in 10Hz increments.



Dynaudio LYD-8 Nearfield Monitor at a Glance:

    •    Pairs well with nearly any room

    •    Neutral, uncolored sound reproduction for real-world monitoring

Pairs well with nearly any room

Dynaudio LYD studio monitors bring out the best in your room. Whether you mix in a small carpeted bedroom or a large open garage, each monitor has tuning switches to gently compensate for your environment without skewing its neutral response.

Neutral, uncolored sound reproduction for real-world monitoring

Sweetwater knows many of our customers mix after hours. Fortunately, good dynamic handling and an uncolored sound keep the Dynaudio LYD series from fatiguing your ears as the night rolls on. This will keep your ideas fresh and the creativity flowing for mix decisions you won't regret in the morning.

Dynaudio LYD-8 Nearfield Monitor Features:

    •    Pro sound for the home or project studio

    •    Sounds the same at all volume levels

    •    8" woofer with low-mass aluminum voice coil responds fast and accurately

    •    Coated fabric dome tweeter exhibits a natural top end

    •    Tweeter tripod prevents accidental damage

    •    80-watt/50-watt Class D amplifiers are light and loud

    •    Position switch filters out wall interference - great for small rooms

    •    Sound Balance selector caters to your mix environment with phase-free Neutral, Bright, and Dark filters

    •    Bass Extension selector controls low-frequency energy with 0Hz, +10Hz, and -10Hz switches

    •    3-way sensitivity switch in 6dB increments

    •    XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs

    •    Monitors sold individually


Tech Specs



Power Configuration


LF Driver Size

8" woofer

LF Driver Material

Aluminum voice coil with magnesium silicate polymer cone

HF Driver Size

1.1" soft dome tweeter

LF Driver Power Amp


HF Driver Power Amp


Total Power

130W Class D

Frequency Response


Crossover Frequency

3900 Hz

Maximum Peak SPL

112 dB SPL @ 1m

Input Types

1 x XLR, 1 x RCA








22.5 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number



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